Ilkka Niiniluoto

Ilkka Niiniluoto

(University of Helsinki, Finland)

Ilkka NiiniluotoPERSONAL

Born: March 12, 1946, Helsinki, Finland
Nationality: Finnish

Professor Emeritus of Theoretical Philosophy
University of Helsinki



Ilkka Niiniluoto was born in Helsinki in 1946. He did his Master degree in Mathematics in 1968 and Ph.D. in Theoretical Philosophy in 1974 at the University of Helsinki. In 1973-77 Niiniluoto was Associate Professor of Mathematics (Foundations), and in 1977-2014 Professor of Theoretical Philosophy. In 1975-2015 he was the President of the Philosophical Society of Finland, and since 1980 the Editor of Acta Philosophica Fennica. In 2000-2014 he was the chair of the Finnish Federation of Learned Societies. In 1998-2003 he worked as half-time Vice-Rector for research, in 2003-2008 as Rector, and in 2008-2013 as Chancellor of the University. Niiniluoto’s main works are Is Science Progressive? (1984), Truthlikeness (1987), and Critical Scientific Realism (1999, paperback 2002).



The University of Helsinki
Bachelor of Science 1967
Master of Science 1968, mathematics
Licentiate of Philosophy 1971, mathematics
Doctor of Philosophy, dissertation 1973, title 1974, philosophy

Stanford University, USA: Visiting Scholar, Spring 1972.


The University of Helsinki
teaching assistant, philosophy, 1969-1971
Academy of Finland
research assistant, philosophy, 1971-1973
The University of Helsinki
Acting associate professor of mathematics, 1973-75
Docent of theoretical philosophy, 1974-1981
Associate professor of mathematics (logic and foundations) 1975-1981
Acting professor of theoretical philosophy, 1977-1981
Professor of theoretical philosophy 1981-
Chairman of the Department of Philosophy 1983-88, 1992, 1995-
Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Arts 1988-1989, 1991, 1995-1998
Dean of the Faculty of Arts 1990, 1993-1994
Vice-Rector of the University of Helsinki 1998-2003
Rector of the University of Helsinki 2003-2008
Chancellor of the University of Helsinki 2008-

The Philosophical Society of Finland

Secretary, Treasurer 1970-1973
Vice-President 1974
President 1975-

The Mathematical Society of Finland
Finnish Society for the History of Ideas
Philosophy of Science Association
Association for Symbolic Logic
The British Society for the Philosophy of Science
Charles Peirce Society
Society for Social Studies of Science
Society for Philosophy and Technology

Finnish Society for Science Studies
President 1985-1986

Finnish Society for Futures Studies
Honorary member 2000

Societas Hegeliana, Member of the governing board 1984-1998
F.I.S.P., Member of the governing board 1985-1988, 1998-
Finnish Academy of Science, Invited member 1985-
Institute International de Philosophie, Invited member 1988-
International Academy of Philosophy, member of presidium 2005-


Member of the Research Council for Humanities, the Academy of Finland 1974-1979
Synthese: associate editor 1973-1976, editor 1977-1979, editorial board 1980-2007
Ajatus: editorial board 1976-1978
Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of Science and Humanities: advisory committee 1975-
Profiles, An International Series on Contemporary Philosophers and Logicians, managing editor 1976-1987
Acta Philosophica Fennica: editor 1980-
Philosophy of Science: editorial board 1982-2005
Science Studies: editor 1988-1993
Acta Analytica: advisory board 1989-
From a Logical Point of View: editorial board 1991-
Acta Semiotica Fennica: editorial board 1992-
Polish Journal of Philosophy, editorial board 2005-
Studia Philosophica Estonia, editorial board 2008-
Finnish Cultural Foundation: board of trustees 1985-1994, Chairman 1993-1994
Päijät-Häme Summer University, Rector 1992-2003
Finnish National Theatre, governing board 1993-
Finnish National Committee of the European Cultural Foundation, chairman 1999-2001
National Graduate School of Philosophy, Chairman 1996-2004
Helsinki Institute of Physics, Chairman 1998-2003
Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, Chairman 2000-
Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Chairman 2001-2003
Finland Futures Academy, Chairman 1999-2004
Finnish Council of University Rectors, Chairman 2006-2007
Foundation of the Finnish Institute in Athens, chairman 2002-
Albert Edelfelt Foundation, governing board 2005-