The Conference Dinner will be held at Casa do Alentejo.



Possibly built in the late seventeenth century, the building where today is installed the “Casa do Alentejo” has undergone profound changes in the early twentieth century.

From its earliest history its known that belonged to an aristocratic family – the Paes Amaral (Viscounts of Alverca) – from whom adopted the name and the title of Paes do Amaral Palace or Palace Alverca.

\In the early twentieth century (1917-1919) was leased to a company that transformed a part of the old palace in the 1st casino oh Lisbon – the Magestic Club.

The Palace suffered profound adaptation works, under the  supervision of architect Silva Júnior, transforming it in the magnificent building that reached the present day.
The Magestic Club is called, years later, “Monumental Club”, always trying to attract customers to its luxurious gaming rooms or the lavish parties that took place in the beautiful Mirror Room.

In 1928 was already closed this phase of the building’s life. In 1932 it was leased to the Alentejo Guild, later called – Casa do Alentejo – becoming the headquarters of the Regionalist Alentejo Association.

In 1981 it was acquired from the descendants of Paes de Amaral family , becaming heritage of all Alentejo.

Find more information on the history of Alverca Palace in “CA Notebook, paragraph 1″, designed by the architect Alves Coelho, on sale at the Casa do Alentejo.



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